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Customer Reviews for Dexter's Wayne Street Auto

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Here’s what some of our Niles, MI customers are saying about us:

Very helpful and reasonable prices. Thank to them I got my car fixed

Luann CollinsGoogle Review

Great place to go. Fair pricing. They don't lie to get more out of you. They are truly a fair and reasonable place. Recommend them for everyone. I've met the owner and he too was very friendly. If you need help woth your car go see them.

Ashley MilliserGoogle Review

They are always very thorough and honest, and always get to work on my vehicles as quickly as possible, even when I don't have an appointment. They are also very friendly.

Dr. Brenda Markert-GreenGoogle Review

Very informative and helpful.

Samuel ChoateGoogle Review

5 stars!

Heather SmithGoogle Review

5 stars!

Maryjane DavisGoogle Review

fantastic care for my vehicle and me

lou pyskloGoogle Review

5 stars!

Kristy GreenGoogle Review

5 stars!

Larry SchadlerGoogle Review

My husband took his jeep to Dexter and Dexter kept us informed as to the progress of the repairs and kept it to his quote even though they found something else that needed repaired. Did a great job and they are very friendly.

Stacey YoungGoogle Review

A business that cares about its customers

Mikensharon RichterGoogle Review

He has work on my car many times and has always been honest and done great work > I also feel he has the best prices around !! I would recommenced him for anyone who needs work done on their car !!

John AustinDexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

Dexters are honest and always take care of our needs and our vehicles on a drop of a dime. Thank you

Dawn FordGoogle Review

Little auto repair shop

Bill YoungGoogle Review

Got my son's car done in a pinch - NEW YEARS DAY! They actually had to drive to South Bend to obtain part.

Lillian IrwinGoogle Review

Great place, good prices and fast work! Will bring all my cars back to dexter. Thank you!

james cordellGoogle Review

I have been taking my vehicles to Dexters for several years... they have great techs there that keep you in the loop about all things going on and they are friendly as well as prompt.

Dijante FowlerGoogle Review

Very nice workers. I had my car worked on there a couple times very satisfied i hope i don't need to but i would go back if needed

Kem SimpsonGoogle Review

Figured out my issue I was having in 5 minutes compared to other shops who couldn't figure it out in hours

Dillan PlewDexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

So wonderful to know I can trust this mechanic's shop. Thank you for your honest integrity.

Wendy DemarestGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Jason SeigalGoogle Review

Fast and nice prices!!

Jennifer WhitneyGoogle Review

Great people, fast service!

Ron SmithGoogle Review

Honest, very knowledgeable staff, with proper pricing.

Jonathan TomblinGoogle Review

I have always had great service, customer care, and fair pricing. They were fast, through and went the extra mile to help.

Mary KehnerGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Joshua SteinbachGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Megan EaglesonGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Joshua SchluttGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Erik HGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Andrea MartinGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Joseph OletaGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Wendi BorgmanGoogle Review

After going from one place to another, I stopped and prayed and the GOOD LORD lead me here to Dexter's! My car is a 96,with over 330,000 miles, as a single parent, I just can't afford a car payment with my oldest going off to college this fall,and Thanks to this repair shop I don't need a new car. They were honest about repairs and prices upfront, no surprises. Very Good Folks here, whenever I need repairs I now know exactly where to go. VeryThankful#Dexter's Wayne Street Auto

Pamela MathewsGoogle Review

Excellent work on problem 2000 Ranger. Would highly recommend

Michael JonatzkeDexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

Dexter's is great place to get your car fixed, him and his team are very honest and forthcoming. They'll take you out to the shop and physically show you any problems.

D WilczynskiGoogle Review

I was told that I needed new struts in the front of my car.
I wanted another estimate and someone to take a look at my struts.
I do not need struts
I appreciate their honesty.
Dexter is my new car repair place.
Everyone there is very friendly.

vicky humphreyGoogle Review

Great ppl great prices

Karla BennettGoogle Review

The owner and wife are Always patient, very friendly! Amazing service and will help you for a very honest cost . In comparison to cost of other places, HARD to beat.

Angel MaganaGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Natalie NixonGoogle Review

Wonderful customer service. Great to know such place exists

Augustus SampahDexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

I have used Dexter's for almost 30 years and have been treated like a KING the best repair shop in Niles !!!!!

Richard DeForestGoogle Review

Great prices, trustworthy people. He gets your vehicle in quickly and won't fix things that don't need fixing. Very knowledgeable also.

Tim EbersolDexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

4 Stars!

Nick ReedGoogle Review

4 Stars!

Samantha FitzpatrickGoogle Review

When you pull into Dexter's lot you may wonder what you are getting into, but I'm here to tell you, you couldn't find a more capable mechanic, nor a more honest man. Since we have found Dexter we refuse to take our vehicles anyplace else. Give him a try, I guarantee you will not be sorry.

Dave SchwabauerGoogle Review

Do a great job and won't over charge you.

derek middletonGoogle Review

Driving back from Chicago and the linkage on my Wrangler broke--while in the car wash bin! I am big on reviews and Dexter's had 350+ with a 4.9 rating. I called and Dexter said he would take a look at it. I had it towed from Three Oaks and I was so happy I went the extra 8 miles (insurance would not cover the full 19 miles) Dexter and CJ were the best. CJ fixed the linkage and I was on my way within an hour. My only problem, why couldn't you be closer to Three Rivers!!!

I would love for you guys to work on all 5 of our cars!!!!
Thank you so much Dexter and CJ!


Judith HaughGoogle Review

Really a super down to earth me in first thing the day after a great price for what I had done compared to all places and dealerships in the Niles area...never knew that the place was where it was...I'm glad I called...I recommend that anyone should if the need auto service...!!!

Sorg MichaelGoogle Review

We were new to the area and were looking for a trustworthy place to take our car to. We took our car to Dexter's and appreciated the service that we received! Dexter gave us an honest evaluation of our car, and had great repair prices. We will be coming here again in the future.

Brandon PaulGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Stacy ChampagneGoogle Review

Best mechanic I've ever had, and I'm not just saying that. Reliable, honest, fair, good price.

I was new to the area and only knew a few people. Several of them recommended Dexter so I went there. 1.5 years later, I don't regret my decision.

Julie BrienGoogle Review

The most honest and affordable shop I have ever been too.

david potterGoogle Review

I found Dexter's because I had an issue that was covered by my warranty and this is where they told me to take my car. I'm so glad! Dexter and Tina are fantastic, completely trustworthy, and kept me up to date on my repair throughout the process. In fact I need to call them is almost time for the regular maintenance on my car!

When I lived in Reno I had a mechanic I trusted completely. I never thought I would find someone I was as comfortable with...but now I have. Thank you Dexter's!

Jennifer ShoemakerGoogle Review

Dexter has always done a fantastic job on my vehicles as well as those of my family members. He is thorough, honest, and cost effective. My family will always continue to bring our cars to his shop.

Jessica CorneliusGoogle Review

Very professional but trustworthy

Patricia JonesGoogle Review

Finally found an auto repair shop in Niles I can trust. When I spoke to Dexter I could instantly tell he was 'good people.' I immediately got the sense he genuinely cared what I thought and understood regarding my service and he wasn't trying to upsell me the first chance he could. I would have been charged a lot more for my issue if I went someplace else. That I'm sure about. But Dexter gave me the best option for the price and now my car is running great and I still have some cash left in my wallet. Thanks!!

Jason B.Dexter's Wayne Street Auto Customer Review

Dexter did exactly what he said he would do. He looked at my car and test drove it with me, listened carefully to the engine and other parts as it accelerated, made turns, slowed down, drove over bumps and gravel, and stopped and slowed down. After a few miles, he brought it back to the shop and put it on the lift to get a good look underneath. Then he told me what was wrong with the vehicle and how he had come to those conclusions. He was thorough, and gave precise, clear explanations for everything. I really appreciated that he talked with me, not at me, and that he made sure I understood what he was saying the whole time. That made me feel like I was following along and it was obvious that Dexter wanted me to feel at ease. Then he looked up prices for every repair that he was recommending. I felt cared for all the way through the process. And he drove me home and picked me up later, so I could wait for repairs to be completed in the comfort of my home. Working with Dexter and Tina was convenient and there were no surprises. I would recommend Dexter's Wayne Street Automotive without reservation or hesitation and will certainly be back!

Dom De BellisGoogle Review

Only auto shop i go to

Anthony DykemaGoogle Review

Our family has been using Dexter's for over 10yrs....he's always been very nice, honest and he's the only person I know who's willing to work with you when your low on funds.

Valerie MessengerGoogle Review

Dexter is the most honest mechanic I have ever come across. If he can not figure out what the problem is, he will stick with it until he does and not charge you his learning time; he will not leave you hanging! Have had a couple of problems that were brain twisters and Dexter’s stuck with it until it was fixed right. I think he lost money on those jobs but was determined to fix the problem and make it right for me. He is exceptionally honest and trustworthy; a rare jewel these days.

Scott KeeganGoogle Review

I thought I was needing new brake pads on my car so I looked online to see where I could get quotes close to where I live.

Out of the 9 different places I called, I got the best quote from Dexter's.
I brought my car in and based on what I told Dexter, I was going to end up paying $200.00 on the low end. (This was for brake pads, hardware, a broken wheel stud and labor)
After he took everything apart he called me with very good news. It wasn't my brakes at all. The only thing I needed done was to remove the rock guard and have the new wheel stud replaced.
My bill ended up being $70.00, well below the original quote. Also, he got my car in, done and back to me the same day.
I will never go anywhere else. They are honest and efficient.

Mandy MarshallGoogle Review

5 Stars!

Sarah TGoogle Review

Honest, does fantastic work, and always quick turnaround and most important is fair when pricing. I am so glad I found Dexters. The nicest people - Dexter and Tina and the team.

Kyle LeaGoogle Review

5 Stars!

David SiekmanGoogle Review

The best mechanic in michiana! I have been taking my cars there for 5 years now. If its not broke dexter will let you know. They have great rates and do amazing work. If something is wrong with your car dont even hesitate to take it to dexters. You will be very happy with the results and the price tag.

Bryan FifeGoogle Review

My car broke down when I was visiting Niles from out of town. Based on the reviews, I went with Dexter's. I became very comfortable with my choice when the tow came as the driver raved about how good a mechanic Dexter was. And even though it was a Sunday I happened to catch Dexter in the shop when I called to leave a message, and he was extremely professional and friendly. After that he kept me very well informed of what was happening with my car, having the parts shipped in and the car repaired for me by Monday afternoon. The car not only is running, but the engine is running smoother than it has for a couple of years. If I lived any where near Niles, he would be the only mechanic I used from this point on.

Jonathan NiesenGoogle Review

I have been going to Dexter for years and have always been happy. He is honest and will tell you how urgent a repair actually is instead of trying to sell you everything at one time.

Kevin BrazoGoogle Review

We've been taking our cars to Dexter for years and now our daughters go there too. There is no question that Dexter and his crew know what they are doing. His rates are really reasonable and he never suggests work that doesn't need to be done. He's 100% honest and that's hard to find in an auto mechanic.

Deb K, South Bend

A Google UserGoogle Review

Attentive to what the car repair issues are. Owner asked to go out with me on a test ride so I could demonstrate what happens to my transmission when it acts up. He found the problem in a short time...leak in the transmission seal emptied our fluid! Empty. Yikes. Came back for repair and happy with the outcome. No more sluggish shifting and starts. I highly recommend to Granger and South Bend people who can't find an honest shop. Simple waiting area but what do you want...reasonable price on repairs or frills? There is a TV and some seating. Check out Dexter's car club. Looks like a good deal.

I walked to downtown Niles a few blocks and killed the time while I waited for repairs.

Mary Beth G.Yelp Review

I've been a customer for 5 years and have been very pleased with the service I've received. They never try to sell you any more than you need. The brake pads I bought had a lifetime warranty and they keep those records so on my next brake job the pads were free.

I also save a lot by joining their car club.

David K.Yelp Review

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